5 Websites for Improving Your Photography and Editing Skills


When I first started my photography obsession a few years ago I had.. A: no clue what I was doing. And B: was a cheapskate because…well refer to ‘A’ Thankfully, I was able to be learn and not spend major bucks in the process. So how did I accomplish learning about my camera, editing and Photoshop […]

365 Photo Challenge Days 113-120


Today’s line up is a real smorgasbord of going on’s.   Butterfly and a rouge bee. I love this flower out front..its an insect magnet. I guess you never know what your going to find when you do the dishes. Pink octopus tentacle? Sure, why not. She just got done shooting the .22 and saw […]

How To Elevate Your Phone Photography, Editing Edition


Every great photo needs a good editing program. Or at least that’s my motto. So in order to find the perfect marriage for my cell phone photography I have been scouring the app abyss looking for an app that would allow me to edit on the run. One that had lots of options, was user friendly, […]

A Day in The Life Of Me


I have seen other bloggers and photographers document an entire day via the lens and I always wanted to try it. However, by the time I remembered to do it it’s always noon, or late in the evening and the day has passed me by. Well, finally I remembered! I put my camera on my […]