A Road Trip


Recently my family went on a weekend road trip. Our destination?? A surprise party for my grandma, who turned 80 years young! Did everyone keep the secret??? Was she surprised? Continue on to find out! First, for our trip there we made a loop through Central Oregon, a trip I have taken ba-zillion times… I may or […]

Watercolor Entertainment


Just a few photos of a recent Picasso moments with the little one.     What are you doing to keep your kids entertained this Summer? Linking up with: Little by Little, Communal Global,  

School’s Out!

fall and summer

Another year down. This coming Fall I will be the parent of a fifth grader *gasp* AND a third grader! When I  started digging through my photos for the first day of school shot I thought for sure there would be a huge difference between then and now. And…..I didn’t see much difference. So maybe […]

Memorial Day


It’s been awhile since I wrote a post simply about what’s been going on with this family of mine. This past weekend we spent Memorial Day camping up north. And since we didn’t think we had enough girls crammed into our truck, we brought another one along. Because really, can there ever be enough little […]

5 Websites for Improving Your Photography and Editing Skills


When I first started my photography obsession a few years ago I had.. A: no clue what I was doing. And B: was a cheapskate because…well refer to ‘A’ Thankfully, I was able to be learn and not spend major bucks in the process. So how did I accomplish learning about my camera, editing and Photoshop […]