Summer Blooms Photo Recipe


There is something about Love that Shot’s Photo Veils and Textures that lend themselves to amazing edits when it come to flowers. I have brought out their arsenal a few times when it came to capturing all those seasonal blooms, and they never seem to disappoint. Here are a few examples: Spring Photo Recipe Black Eyed […]

Why, hello there.


It’s been awhile. And just that line alone makes me wanna break into a song by Staind. Ya know, the one with the same title..”It’s been awhile since….” ?? and yes, that’s right, no ‘e’  on the band name (cuz that makes it cool mmmkay?) and the lyrics of that song have absolutely nothing to do […]

Love that Shot; January Photo Recipe

love that shotsoverlaysandtextures

Make the subject of your photo stand out more in a few easy steps! The following photo recipe uses textures and overlays from Love that Shot, along with some simple editing techniques that will help bring your subject to the foreground. Before Image:I love this photo, but I really want to make the colors rich, […]

One Moment, Four Perspectives.


Today I took out my camera and snapped a few photos of my little one. She was into her cartoons and fishy crackers and I just wanted to savor the moment. One thing I have a habit of doing is taking tons of photos and staying completely stationary the entire time. So what does that […]

Make it Snow with Photoshop!


I really wanted a winter/snowy look for some photos this year, but getting that isn’t always an option. Why?? Well…. When there is snow, it is cold. It’s hard to predict pristine snow fall and I need to plan. It’s cold. Really cold. So the idea is nice, but not always practical. Snotty noses and Hypothermia […]