Hip, Hip, Hooray!

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Whoa. Almost a month has gone by with no new posts. Eeek. I blame summer. Which only means I only have two more weeks until that excuse is invalid. Cause you know, school starts!! YAY! Hallelujah!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! *clears throat* So ummm yeah, I love my kids but they are driving me insane. So I will […]

Why you need a Tripod and a New Photo Recipe!


Were hitting mid stride around here for summer and that means my Black-eyed Susan’s are finally making an appearance. I tried to capture them without a tripod and was less than successful: Even when the wind is hardly blowing I can hardly keep my camera still when crouching down. I knew the photos weren’t going to […]

Ummmm 365, where are you?

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So last year I decided that starting January 1st, 2015 I was going to capture a photo everyday for an entire year. I went into like most people do when they think they have an amazing new project. All optimistic, conquer the world attitude and such. I’d like to think I looked like this: But with […]



If you follow me on Instagram you may of been subject to my photo posting overload this past week. Whoops. But I did save a few for here. If you are ever in Idaho and want a view to die for, visit Stanley. I love it. I think it’s absolutely beautiful and if I ever […]