The Scary Diagnosis

It’s been almost one year since I discovered a bulls eye rash on my youngest daughter’s skin. A year. Seems like yesterday and a million years ago all at the same time. Funny how life altering events continue to feel that way as time moves along. When I saw the rash I immediately remembered that […]

What’s all the hubbub?

Have you heard the news? Have you seen the ads? Have you tried it? What in the world am I talking about?! CBD. No, it’s not the same thing filling Eric Foreman’s basement in That 70’s Show, and no its not what makes Snoop Dogg… well Snoop Dogg, and no its not the same thing […]

I may of found a new hobby

As you may know, I am a sucker for photos. Who has been watching lifestyle videography like no buddies business for two days? This gal. I can now add that I am a sucker for lifestyle films. So I grabbed my Nikon D750 with my Sigma 34-24 Art Lens and shot this super simple video yesterday. […]


Blogging here as once again fallen by the wayside. I have started uploading more to Flickr and in turn have created an album there that is similar to what this blog started out as 7+ years ago. Photos and stories of my girls. It’s much quicker to upload images there and add a little tid […]