The Scary Diagnosis

It’s been almost one year since I discovered a bulls eye rash on my youngest daughter’s skin. A year. Seems like yesterday and a million years ago all at the same time. Funny how life altering events continue to feel that way as time moves along. When I saw the rash I immediately remembered that […]

I may of found a new hobby

As you may know, I am a sucker for photos. Who has been watching lifestyle videography like no buddies business for two days? This gal. I can now add that I am a sucker for lifestyle films. So I grabbed my Nikon D750 with my Sigma 34-24 Art Lens and shot this super simple video yesterday. […]


Blogging here as once again fallen by the wayside. I have started uploading more to Flickr and in turn have created an album there that is similar to what this blog started out as 7+ years ago. Photos and stories of my girls. It’s much quicker to upload images there and add a little tid […]

Senior Photo Shoot

“AHHHHH!” That is how I felt when I got home the other night with a camera full of gorgeous photos. My thoughts?? “How the heck am I going to dwindle all these beautiful shots down?!” It was a very good ‘AHHHHH!’ problem to have. As most of you know, my photography is a hobby..I take […]