A Day in The Life Of Me


I have seen other bloggers and photographers document an entire day via the lens and I always wanted to try it. However, by the time I remembered to do it it’s always noon, or late in the evening and the day has passed me by. Well, finally I remembered! I put my camera on my […]

Whimsy Haze Photo Recipe


The weather is warming up, flowers are being planted, and toddlers everywhere are being put to work to pay for their keep. Well kinda. She missed a good 93% of the intended watering zone, but I’m not gonna hold it against her. Today I wanted to share with you how I took the original photo […]

How to Make A Pinterest Pin Without Expensive Software


If you want to share your content to Pinterest, but don’t own Photoshop..how do you make a Pin? Until recently I had no idea, in fact I just assumed all Pinners (Pinners are people who Pin on Pinterest…mmmkay?) just used software. But I was wrong. After reviewing online and mobile apps for both my Phone […]



From top left clockwise: There has been a whole lot of this lately. Mostly in the living room. I hear pounding feet hitting the floor a good few hundred-thousand times a day as she practices handstands, cartwheels, backwards bends and everything else. I have enjoyed watching her learn a new skill (almost daily). She is […]

How to Create A Custom Facebook Cover


Want to create unique Facebook cover photo but don’t own fancy photo editing software? Or tired of uploading a photo and finding the image doesn’t even fit in the Facebook dimensions? No sweat, because you don’t need an expensive program to get a creative, well-fitting and personalized photo collage for your Facebook profile. Not only […]