Best Face Photo in January

Its voting time at this week! The theme is ‘Best Face Photo in January’. I chose this photo of my little one. I loved it because she was so into playing she didn’t even notice me and I thought it really captured how well she gets lost in her imagination with her toys. I […]

Passion and a Dixie Cup

Being that my post yesterday was centered around just my little one, I wanted equal time spent on my oldest.She didn’t disappoint. I was treated to an impromptu concert the other day. The site?Little girls pink bedroom. The main event?? This: Little Richard?“WaaaHOOOOOOOOO” A little bit of Limp Bizkits Fred Durst?Can you imagine?help. me. A […]

It would be a crime

Oh man. Look at this face! AH!I cant help but love those sweet little lips. Bear in mind, she comes with a ‘tude.a BIG one.Puuurely from her fathers side right?right.ummm right????I may or may not be suffering from slight denial on that one. …but she can turn on the sweetness in .0001 sec flat. It […]

Soothing Repetition

Last weeks Project 52 theme was Shades of Grey. I loved it! I was able to take what has become one of my favorite photos. You can see the entire post here: This weeks theme was Soothing Repetition. Ack! I was clueless on what to do with that. Knitting?Can’t knit, and if I did try […]


Many of you know I am a religious follower of The Pioneer Woman. Her amazing blog can be found here: doooo it! Her latest photography contest theme was/is flowers. *gulp* I don’t really do flowers. I’ve tried, but never thought I had the knack for it. So I ran through all my old photos […]