Dolls vs Hotwheels

When you’re a little girl its naturally assumed that dolls, barbies, and playing house will be a forerunner in your daily activities.

As a parent you best be prepared to play along.

But, when your dad is a huntn’, campn’, football watchn’, beer drinkn’ manly man… (insert man grunt here)… its also safe to assume that playing dolls would not be a on his list of favorite things to do.

However, my husband is the ultimate, and played dolls with the girls……even though it wasn’t really his forté.




He thought they were cool, the girls thought they were cool.

win. win.

Little did he know, girls don’t deviate from their natural form of playing.

Its called ‘Hotwheel House
Mom car, dad car, sister car, baby car……etc.

And where else would a family of cars live…..

but a dream house of course!

My husband is outnumbered and completely perplexed.


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