Many of you know I am a religious follower of The Pioneer Woman. Her amazing blog can be found here: doooo it!

Her latest photography contest theme was/is flowers. *gulp* I don’t really do flowers. I’ve tried, but never thought I had the knack for it. So I ran through all my old photos from the summer just to see if I ever even took a photo of a flower.

wee! I did!

Here it is:

And I’ll l be dang, I made it into group 1!
You can see mine and all the other entries here:

I discovered a few other flower photos, but they aren’t nearly as wonderful as all the other entries I have seen on the Flickr group thus far. You can see those here:

I took the rest of these before I got my 50mm lens, so I’m excited to get out there this Spring and take some new flower-esque photos with it.

These yellow flowers were blooming at my In laws house this summer.

I took this while up camping.

more yellers..

Now this is a terrible photo, but I had to include it because….well, just look how much she has grown since this past summer?!

Next on my photography wish list is a macro lens.
I would love to be able to take shots like these:

hello little guy.


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