Illustrate a Song

This weeks theme for MCP’s photo contest is ‘Illustrate a Song’.

My original idea was given the kibosh by my husband.
I was going to take a picture of one of the girls poking the other in the face.
Do you know what song I was attempting to illustrate???
Poke-her Face by Lady Gaga.

If your like me you laugh, giggle, and thinks its a rip roaring clever take on a popular song. If your like my husband you think its far from funny and I’m just a weirdo.
Which one are you?

On second thought, please don’t tell me!
I still think its funny and don’t want my bubble to burst, even if I am a weirdo.

So I decided I wanted to do something with some of my old photos instead.
And ended up choosing the song ‘Old Pictures’ by The Judds.

So this was my entry:

An array of photos from when I was a kid, till I had kids.

And since I had all my old photos out I decided to do some more.

My brother and I.
Check out my bangs!

My Grandma holding my itty bitty first born &
my Grandparents on their anniversary.

My cousins and I.
Check out that retro furniture!!

Me age 5 (same age as my oldest now) at ballet class.
I’m the 4th bunny from the left.

The first time my oldest ever played in snow.

My handsome husband on our wedding day.

My girls when sissy was just a newbie.

And no trip down memory lane would be
complete without an array of lovely school portraits & dance photos.
Were we friends as kids??

Prepare yourself.

Don’t worry, they are slightly out of focus…and I did that for my sake.
You all look great, but I know there are some real doozies of me out there.
(example: frazzled hair blonde upper right, who is that????).

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