Passion and a Dixie Cup

Being that my post yesterday was centered around just my little one, I wanted equal time spent on my oldest.
She didn’t disappoint. I was treated to an impromptu concert the other day.

The site?
Little girls pink bedroom.

The main event??


Little Richard?

A little bit of Limp Bizkits Fred Durst?
Can you imagine?
help. me.

A Whitney Houston mega ballad?

A little bit of Britney pop?

No, this was pure original stuff.
Sung straight from the heart for her momma.

A little Garth Brooks!!!
Now were talkn’!


  1. says

    Awww…I remember when my kids would put on shows for me. Now at 21 and 16, not so much, although, they will both karaoke with me every now and again…and they put up with me singing to every song I know, no matter where we are. Especially when it’s the grocery store and I’m singing loud enough for people 4 aisles down to hear.

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