When I first started this blog (a whole entire week ago) I simply wanted a place where I could post more photos without clogging up my facebook page and annoying all my ‘friends’.

So here I am. 🙂

The back-story to this particular post……
Over a year ago I was paroosing the net and I googled ‘good blogs’ (real creative eh?), and came across The Pioneer Woman. I was just really getting into photoshop at the time and feel in love with her photography, photoshop skills and incredible humor. If you haven’t read her blog, you MUST!

Here: try it!

The Pioneer Woman’s real name is Ree Drummond and she hosts random photo assignments on her blog that her readers can participate in. Weeeeee! I love em! Her latest theme for said assignment was food.


My first thought was this will be like food photos you see in cookbooks and magazines. I have never done that before, at least not successfully! But I gave it a whirl and submitted a few shots. I really didn’t expect her to choose one of mine.

But she did!

I squealed.

You can check out all the much better entries here:

I realized after looking at all the other photos submitted, that you can get creative with food and it can actually be kinda fun to photograph.

Here are two others I did for her assignment:
cocoa, sugar, & oatmeal.

(not sure I really needed to state that 😉 )

After taking those photos, I decided to take a look back on some of my older shots and see what I could find.
And lo and behold, I have actually photographed food before and just never realized it.

Sissy at a recent birthday party.
My girls at the apple orchard this past fall.

Not food, but I’m counting it anyways. mmmmmk?

Treats at a recent wedding.

Oatmeal cookies my youngest and I made this holiday season.

An old photo from a few summers back.

And I had to include this:

She takes after her mother.

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    I just followed the link you posted at the PW flickr site and what a treat! Your work is so fresh and inspiring. I’m thinking I need to make a ‘blog roll’ on my blog site with all the wonderful FOTO-grahers who follow The Pioneer Woman. They really are a great bunch of ladies and I’m always inspired to step into her site.

    I hope we can connect. I share growing year round and taking lots of photos of the things I grow to eat! Bren

  2. says

    I saw the photo this afternoon on her site – KUDOS!!! I think it’s awesome that your photo was selected out of hundreds [probably thousands by now?] but it’s a stellar shot. Congrats to you, I hope you win!

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