Shades of gray

I have been participating in MCP’s Project 52 (a weekly themed photo contest) and really enjoying it. This weeks theme is: Shades of Gray. I knew immediately what I wanted to photograph.

Its been cold, gloomy and foggy here. All perfect shades of gray.

And because one of the rules of her contest is you have to of taken your submission the actual week of the theme, it makes me get out and take new shots. I love that this forces me out of the habit of falling back on some of my old favorites, because I’m pretty sure thats what I would of done.
So I ventured out today and finally took some shots of these trees by my house that I have wanted to photograph forever.

Here are some others:

Not too sure I like this one, but its different.

This one is my favorite.

I also wanted to say Thank You to all of you that have been stopping by and reading or commenting!
My blog received over 500 hits this week and I am completely blown away by the response!
Thanks again!!


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