Soothing Repetition

Last weeks Project 52 theme was Shades of Grey. I loved it! I was able to take what has become one of my favorite photos. You can see the entire post here:

This weeks theme was Soothing Repetition.


I was clueless on what to do with that.

Can’t knit, and if I did try it would be less then soothing!

A whirling fan??
A Rocking chair???



So I used a medicine dropper to make little ripples in a bowl for my entry.
You can seen all the other entries here:
And now…
This has nothing to do with the theme.
Well, I suppose her muddy hand prints are slightly repetitious.
It was halfway decent out yesterday so the girls were able to play out back,
and apparently they made the biggest mud pie ever.

You should of seen their clothes.

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