The self haircut

Its a right of passage Im sure.
I have had friends whose kids have cut their own hair and I’ve and seen self hair cuts by kids….. but I was sure my sweet rule abiding children would never ever do that because…… well just because I said so (I can use that for reasoning now that I have kids, its great!)

Well I was WRONG.

My little one came into the room yesterday with a chunk of fine wispy blonde hair in her grasp. “Look mom!! I cut my hawah!”

(insert hysterical crying here) from me of course.

So after I picked myself up off the floor I surveyed the damage:

(she has another snip missing from the top of her noggin but I couldn’t get a good shot of it).

And gathered the evidence:

And then. I had a brilliant idea!

She can wear this for the next 2 years
(her hair grows at a snails pace and….. because I said so!)

Its totally inconspicuous.


  1. says

    Oh dear! Hehe.

    My mum in law cut all the hair on one side of her head when she was little. She was lying on the bed and enjoyed the feeling of the scissors cutting it so kept running them through her hair. Her mum went in, picked her up off the bed and was less than amused when half the hair stayed behind. 😀

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