A view

(I added a fix it friday photo to my Orignal vs Edit page today)

MCP’s Project 52′s theme this week is:  The View From Here.

In order to participate in this particular photo assignment the photo has to be taken this week, these are just a couple of my old view favorites:

Can you believe I lived only a few hours from this place almost my whole life and just went there last summer?
I think I need to get out more!

 My parents/grandparents/great grandparents and many cousins all grew up in this small Oregon valley, and many of them still call it home.
(this was  taken with my old point and shoot camera!)

The Sawtooth Mountains and two willing friends who let me photograph them. 🙂

My girls. 
Betcha didn’t know we get twisters here….
fakes ones that is. 😉
I’m going to try and go out this week and take some new ‘view’ photo’s. 
I prefer to photograph people and don’t think I have the knack for landscapes, but its still fun!
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