Fake snow storm

 Last week I had the honor of having my cell phone photo posted by I Heart Faces on their facebook page. I was blown away by all the response! I ended up getting almost 2,000 visits to my blog in one day! And that’s a lot for me!!

My photo also made it on their official site as a favorite chosen by Angie & Amy (creators of I Heart Faces). I was thrilled! You can see that here.

I did so much to the original shot I wanted to share what it looked like before I got it into photoshop
No App.
No Edit.


And since I wanted a more winter look but there was no real snow available, I made my own:

I love editing.


  1. says

    So I found your blog through a comment that you posted on mine through I heart faces….Can I just tell you that you have mad photoshop skills:) You do an awesome job.

    p.s. I LOVE the twister pic from an earlier post…Incredible:)

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