Here and Now

Sometimes I can look at my daughter and catch a fading glimpse of that little baby she used to be.

And sometimes I catch a glimpse of the beautiful lady she is going to become.
Tissues please.

Oh dear.
Before I loose myself down the spiraling abyss of Complete Blubbering Idiocy,
I need to look at this:

Because in the present she is still five, and makes goofball faces 
when her mom tries to take cute pictures of her.  

And she gets excited when she gets off the bus and see’s me.
(I am fully aware someday she will tell me to get lost.)

And right now she still sleeps with this teddy bear.

And she can spend an entire hot summer day in a $20 pool from Wal-Mart and claim it was,

And she doesn’t care if peanut butter is still on her face long after lunch is over.

I am becoming way too aware of how fast time flies. 
She’s gonna be six soon, and before I know it… WAHHHHH!
I can’t help it, I’m spiraling again.

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