Pas de chat, arabesque, relevé & tutu’s

My girls preformed to a packed house Friday night.
They did fab-u-lous!
Here is my baby girl with a very baby bun in her hair.
See it?
Didn’t think so.
Its smaller then the headpiece.
And my oldest.
Check out that focus!
“No time for smiling mom, Im workn’ here!”
(She takes this sport very serious folks!)
 My little one ummm…errr…well…I don’t remember that part of the routine, but…..
 And while my baby walked out of the gym that night she did this:
My only explanation is she saw this packed gym as the perfect place to remind all you manly men out there to…
 “Check out theeeeese guns!”
  Cause, this sport ain’t for Sissy’s wimps ya’ll!


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