Ahhhh siblings.

Here is me & mine.
Wasn’t my little brother cute?
With that said….
 I may or may not of done the following to him as a child:
Threw his clean underpants out the window to make him scream.
Attack him with a tumble weed when provoked.
Look at him when mom told us not to look at each other.
Make him do something bad, then tell on him.
He totally did the following:
Trapped me in the bottom of a sleeping bag and sat on the opening, thus rendering me helpless and deprived of oxygen.
My point is, siblings are great!
hmmmm did I miss the target a little with my examples?
now I have these two little whipper snappers.
Siblings. Sisters. Partners in crime.
Ok, more like partners in angelic endeavors gone wrong.
Regardless, I love watching them interact.
Here they are beautifying. 
I love these cute sister moments!
and supervision of the said coloring.
And will you look at this.
Who are these little snow bunnies careening completely out of control towards?

I’m safe.
ummmm children?

And now a more mild moment.
And last, but not least,
an example of the above mentioned angelic endeavors gone wrong:
I suppose we could all use a little sister’s forehead to color on once in awhile.
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  1. says

    I loved yesterday how Bailey said to Sienna after she drew a happy face on our board; ‘and that is your favorite color…’

    So sweet!

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