Ba-ba-ba Bubbles!

My youngest recently won a coloring contest and a whopping $5.00 prize!  That’s like winning the lotto when your three! My oldest also entered the contest, but did not place…however, grandma gave her $5 too because… well because she’s grandma of course! My oldest and I went into town the other day and she spent […]

Yeeeee HAW!

Oh dear, it’s that time again! A PW assignment! I’ve already fallen in love with the subject she choose and it just started! The topic? HORSES. I don’t own a horse, (wish I could, but I’m pretty sure its against my subdivision covenants)…soooo I’m digging through all my old stuff to see if I have […]

Backyard Soccer

It stopped raining long enough for some back yard soccer yesterday. Ohhhhh yeaaah. Check this out: Now that’s a look of determination if I’ve ever seen one! and way to be prepared little one! (I believe they were on the same ‘team’, but she thought she needed to block the goal? Not sure. We just […]

Slice of Life

The theme for I Heart Faces this week is, Slice of Life. I love this photo of my girls playing outside. My little one is incredably tickleish and whenever she is grumpy or upset about something her big sister will try and give her a ‘tickle torture’ to lift her spirits. It always works. And […]


One thing I really enjoy about where I live is we really get to experience all four seasons. We have HOT summers  (100+ degrees) Cooooold winters (can dip into the negatives)   Beautiful Autumns (love the colors) And lovely Springs Though I would enjoy living on a tropical beach somewhere, I would certainly miss all […]