Ba-ba-ba Bubbles!

My youngest recently won a coloring contest and a whopping $5.00 prize! 
That’s like winning the lotto when your three!
My oldest also entered the contest, but did not place…however, grandma gave her $5 too because… well because she’s grandma of course!
My oldest and I went into town the other day and she spent her $5 on an array of toys. 
3 kites,
1 bucket of sidewalk chalk,
and a bubble wand.
(bargain shopper!)

Its not windy enough for the kites, too rainy for chalk,
but we managed some hard core bubble time.
If you know what your looking for, you can see our corkscrew willow tree in the reflection of that bubble. 
Pretty neat!


  1. says

    Gorgeous photos, and I LOVE the reflection in the bubble. BTW, I won a coloring contest at the drugstore when I was about 5 years old. That was the proudest I had ever been in my short little life 🙂 Congrats to your girl!


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