Floating Kids

When I first really started getting into Photoshop I was blown away by all the creative things people could make from their photos and couldn’t wait to see what I could do.

I had the idea of making my oldest daughter appear to float away with balloons. Something most kids dream about, and maybe some adults too. ; )

I ended up creating this:

It was really hard to get the sizing right so it would look somewhat realistic and I ended up  having to shrink her down so much you can’t even tell its her, but she thought it was pretty cool!

Its been awhile since I have made anything else like that, and last night I came up with an idea I couldn’t wait to try!

So today my daughters and I made this:

If you use Photoshop and like to dab into something like this with your photography its really fun to try! Its all about layers! If you have any questions let me know and you can always check out this really neat flickr group. (keep in mind that images on flickr are not filtered and some people post some nude shots).

Thanks for reading!


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