Lights & Darks

The theme this week for MCP’s Project 52 is ‘Lights and Darks’.
I was thinking maybe doing a sun flare sorta thingy-ma-bob, but then remembered this old picture:
I took this of my husband when he first gave me my camera and I was playing with shutter speed & aperture (which I was completely clueless on!).
I was also really into adding textures at the time, hence the cracked look. 🙂
It turned out pretty freaky Jason-ish, which wasn’t my intention, but it was fun to create and gave me the idea for this weeks Lights and Darks theme.
A dark bathroom + a dozen matches = My Entry:
 The hardest part was getting the focus right.
You can see everyone elses interpretation of the theme on the Flickr group here.
Thanks for reading!
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