Yeeeee HAW!

Oh dear, it’s that time again! A PW assignment!

I’ve already fallen in love with the subject she choose and it just started! The topic?


I don’t own a horse, (wish I could, but I’m pretty sure its against my subdivision covenants)…soooo I’m digging through all my old stuff to see if I have any horsey (kids translation) photos.

Boy Howdy (cowboy translation?) I do!

This is one I took awhile back, before I got my fancy camera. 
Good ‘ol Sony Cyber Shot point and shoot. 
This photo actually won a contest a few months back.
I was pretty excited!
And now…. meet Lucy
My moms horse.
I have to say my favorite feature of a horse would be their nose.
Its so soft and all fuzzy like….Whewwww Weeee (country translation), its just irresistible!

And another of Lucy girl:

Aren’t horses perrrrrty? (country translation again)

If you want to check out some of the submissions for PW’s assignment (and enter one yourself!) you can do that here. She also posted Group 1 last night, and you can see those here.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. says

    I’m just in awe of these photos, and all the others of yours that I’ve seen. There’s something so rustic and peaceful about horse photos…love ’em!


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