My girls and I have been on a trip around the state the last few days and it was a cousin extravaganza!
Swimming with cousins:

Photo posing with cousins:

Sand playtime at great-grandmas:

Stick removal work for great-grandma:
(earned a $1 a piece for their hard labor!)
and visiting with these two cutie cousins:
(isn’t she a doll?!)

The one and only boy:
(and check out his curly red hair! I love it!)
Needless to say our trip was lots of fun and went WAY too quick!
I’m hoping to visit again sometime this summer. 🙂
More photos to come! Oh, and a harrowing story of my missing diamond.. EEK!
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  1. says

    Missing diamond? Egads! Can’t wait to hear the story.

    Beautiful pictures of beautiful girls (and boy!). That curly red hair is fabulous!


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