Oh Baby!

Oh man. 
We got a newborn in the family again!
My husbands pseudo brother and his wife just had their first baby last Friday.

I can honestly say he is one of the cutest newborns I have ever laid eyes on.

My youngest would of gladly taken him home, dressed him up in doll clothes, 
fed him from a fake bottle and possibly renamed him wack-a-roozer.
(she’s crazy creative like that.)
It was a struggle not to allow her.
Minus the renaming part, of course.
Isn’t his mama beautiful?
And here is my husband.
What is it about manly men holding babies?
Its like a crazy oxymoron that just works so perfectly.


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing Wack-A-Roozer with us. I just love a good newborn! Congrats to your husband’s pseudo-brother 🙂


    PS–I’m also a big fan of men holding babies. Just makes you stop and stare!

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