The weather perked up on our second day at my brothers house last week and my mom and I took my girls and my niece to the park.

I have no idea why she was so serious, I swear she had fun!

My brothers daughter.
She is only 6 weeks younger then my baby girl. 🙂
Check out these flushed cheekies!
That’s what happens when it reaches 60 degrees the first time after a LOOOONG winter.
Hydration is important don-cha-know?!
Even my mom had a good time.
Go grandma,
go grandma,
go, go, go grandma!

added a new book to my good reads section!
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  1. says

    Beautiful pictures. I’m glad yall got to enjoy a lovely spring day! Oh, and thanks for the book recommendation. I’m always looking for my next read 🙂


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