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On our trek through my home state of Oregon (not Ore-GONE all you mispronoucers, that’s right.. mispronouncers.. hmmmmm uhhhh…I think I may of just lost all my grammar credibility…whoops. ok so where was I?)

awwww yes, on our trek. Ever see a sign like this?
Needless to say all children where left in the car as well.
I’m hyper paranoid like that.
This scene is why:
Would you take a fearless three year old around this?
I don’t think so.
When I looked over the edge my stomach did that thing.
The heebie-jeebie thing.
 I ran back to the car.
I modified the sign.
and left.
The rest of the drive was less scary.
Keep in mind this is the desert-y (huh? what? I like to make up words. mmmmmkay?) side of Oregon.


  1. says

    Gorgeous photos! I’ve never been to Oregon but would LOVE to visit. That bridge? Horrifying. Absolutely horrifying. Heights don’t scare me usually, but when I feel unsafe (uh, like your picture!) I get the heebs so bad! Thanks for sharing “home” with us 😀


    PS–That sign (while sad that many dogs have perished) was the highlight of my day 😀

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