vrrrooom, vrooom!

My 3 year old told me the other day that she loves our neighbor boy and wants to marry him…..
later that day I shot this:

See that blurry blob on the right?
Thats neighbor boy.
She ‘s watching him ever so closely as he is  riding his motorcycle….
motorcycle with training wheels, that is.
(Isn’t there some sort of cliche about daughters riding off with boys on the back of motorcycles?
Does this apply to motorcycles with training wheels?? *gulp*)
I may need to mention that neighbor boy wants to marry my oldest.
Oh dear.
Childhood love triangle aside,
both girls got to take a spin on neighbor boy’s other mode of transportation:
“Go sister!”
“Make that turn!”
“oooohhh yeaaaaaah!”
(I love cheering on my kids via photos! This way I can be really obnoxious and not embarrass them, or myself for that matter.)
and now back to the little one….
after a little instruction from dad….
She was off!

Ok, I need to be honest.
ALL boys need to watch out for HER.
She is very strong willed, knows how to get her way ….and….well, she can’t steer very well.
She could run you over.
Both literally and figuratively.

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