No more Kung Foo

The girls had their season wrap up for ballet last week. This is my little one clapping her little heart out. “Go Team!” If your a local, you know how much I want to yell “Save Money!” after that cheer.. (Its from a local car commercial. The kind where they assault you with yelling, screaming […]

End of an era

Today was the last day of my daughters life as a kindergartener.  *sigh* The top photo is her on her very first day….   and the bottom photo was taken today. During the top photo she couldn’t read a book.  Now she can. In the top photo she wore 4t pants. She wears size 7 […]


I Heart Faces theme this week is yellow. Last summer my oldest and I went for a ride in the country and did a couple fun photos. She was (is) really into cowgirls, horses, and anything country so I thought this setting fit her just right. My ‘lil country bumpkin.

horses, aliens and snakes…oh my!

This last weekend was a doozy!  The weather, awesome…the adventure, fantastic….the discovery, creep-tac-ular! It all started out mild enough.  but, not 5 min after we stopped and I tromped around the road to take this picture… we saw this creature: yes, a snake. yes, a scary snake. yes, a snake that can kill you if […]

Fix it!

I Heart Faces recently moved all their  Fix It Fridays to their community forum, but this week they are also hosting a linky for it, yay! So anyhoo, here is my edit of this weeks photo: And here is the side by side of the before & after: First thing I did was lighten her […]