Looooook real close at this photo….can you tell who was not pleased?
How bout….now.
 Hint: she’s on the right.
So the image, not the best…but the face?
I love it.
It totally makes me chuckle, because I see it often and its usually not captured on camera.
Its her classic grumpy-I’m not going to put any effort into this, face.

At least we had one happy little girl.
Make that two:
I’m pretty sure that’s happiness.
Checking back in with the sisters…
Ah ha!
The great thing about being five is that a bad-itude can change to a…errrrr….ummmm.
You get the idea, in no time flat.
 Her eyes were closed in sheer delight.
I’m sure of it.


  1. says

    Love those sweet faces! My parents have plenty of pictures of me sporting my “Eeyore face” when I was little. Sometimes, when you’re unhappy, you just gotta let people know about it! 😉


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