biking, flowers and such.

My mothers day weekend was fantastic and adventure-listic!

Flowers from Mothers Day:

or flowerrrr, I should say…no ‘s’.
There were more of course, but I singled this one out as my favorite.

Sweet Shot Day

We also went on a bike ride down the road and spent the day just hanging out.

Which I have to say, is my favorite past time.
It was a long ride……

Especially for our 3 year old, who has to peddle like the dickens to keep up.
“mawwwwwwmom….I tired…”
“Come on baby! Make Dora proud!..
Its just dowwwwn the road,
ovvvver Alphabet mountain…”
oh wait….
If you don’t have kids you probably think I’m crazy right now. 
Just ignore and proceed on.
*clears throat*
So we enjoyed the sights and wild life.
 Okay, docile life.
(and just how cute is that calf?!)

 Eventually, we made it to our destination.
And of course no adventure is complete without a movie re-enactment.
Take one.
After a scene or two from Bambi we made our way back to our bikes.
Along the way we were ambushed by a  Cobra!
no, a-a-a VIPER!
With Water Moccasin babies!
I will not deny that I screamed the loudest.
I will also not deny that my children were not scared until there mother screamed and hopped around like her pants were on fire.
Thankfully the creature slithered off into the grass after it saw that.
It was a pretty pitiful sight, Im sure of it.
We made it home.
It was another great Mothers day.
The End.
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  1. says

    What a fabulous Mother’s Day you had. And then an enormous, man-eating, savage snake beast to top it off…lucky you 🙂

    Enjoy your week!


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