End of an era

Today was the last day of my daughters life as a kindergartener. 

The top photo is her on her very first day….
and the bottom photo was taken today.
During the top photo she couldn’t read a book. 
Now she can.
In the top photo she wore 4t pants.
She wears size 7 now!
In the top photo she was 5 years old.
In the bottom photo, well she is still five.
Top photo: Happy.
Bottom photo: Reluctantly resigned to letting her mom take one more picture.
And another comparison: 
Look at that happy jubilation!
  ‘I’m going to Kindergarten! YAY!’                                              ‘I’m no longer in Kindergarten! YAY!’
I will now be a mother to a first grader.
sheesh, I’m feeling like an old fart now.


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