Equal time.

I have been sitting here thinking about personality quirks… and what unique traits my youngest has.
Unlike her older sister, she can sleep in bare feet.
She also thinks spicy things rock.
“you know it momma!”

She doesn’t collect worms and wash them in the sink cause they are dirty (that was me).
She doesn’t balance her PB&J on TOP of her hand when she eats (that too would of been me).
She doesn’t deposit all her Flintstone vitamins down the heat vent (yes, me…and I guess that’s just bad behavior not a quirk, whoops).

Ya know, I think she must of missed out on the quirky gene.

I will say, she can rhyme like nobody’s business.
 And regardless of the beginning of her rhyme….
It always ends in ‘wack-a-roozer.’
If that’s not talent, I dunno what is.


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