horses, aliens and snakes…oh my!

This last weekend was a doozy! 
The weather, awesome…the adventure, fantastic….the discovery, creep-tac-ular!
It all started out mild enough.
 but, not 5 min after we stopped and I tromped around the road to take this picture…
we saw this creature:
yes, a snake.
yes, a scary snake.
yes, a snake that can kill you if you are a blonde lady lolly gagging around the road with your face glued to your camera with no sense on what you may or may not be stepping on.
A rattle snake.
To be honest we were estactic.
One, because we were safe in our pickup,
and two because my husband has lived here for his whole 28 years and has NEVER seen one.
I’m sure we looked like a bunch of crazy fruitcakes to the group of men who drove by as we giggled, gawked and literally hung out the windows of the cab looking at this snake, but we didn’t care.
Needless to say, once the snake slithered off into the grass we headed down to the lake and I no longer had my faced glued to my camera without a care in the world.
Seeing that snake changed my life.
Ok, thats dramatic….
Seeing that snake made me survey my surroundings much more carefully.
There we go.
So after a mile wide snake sweep, we reluctantly let our precious children out of the truck,
 and the fishing began.
The girls explored.
Ace explored.

errrrr, ummmm Ace slobbered all over himself.
How you manage to slobber all over your own face, dog, I will never know.
 And I relaxed.
And after a few hours without not even a bite, my husband caught an alien!
ok, catfish.
But I think alien fish has a nice ring to it.
We threw it back.
And headed home.
 Along the way the girls went crazy when they saw this:
Someone riding a horse.
Its the simple things in life.


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    What a gorgeous view…I’m jealous of your surroundings! The picture of the rattlesnake made me shiver. I’ve seen more of those than I care to, and it won’t bother me if I never see another one ever again. I’m glad your husband got to cross that off his “never have I…” list, though 🙂


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