She is the only child, no….. the only person, I know who wears socks to bed. 
Every night.
Even if its 100 degrees in her room and she is hot, she refuses to take her socks off.
“Its scratchy.”
That’s the only explanation we have for this unique oddity.
She also wont put on jeans without socks on first.
Its a strange thing.
She also thinks Ketchup is spicy…

 ….depending on the day.
And she believes that angels come and give her kisses at night.
Right on the nose.
Cause you know, that’s where freckles come from.

And the rationale behind why little sister doesn’t have freckle evidence from angel kisses at night?
“They just must give her hugs.”
I love 5 year old logic.
 Not sure what to say about this photo.
Love ya bug! And all your quirky cuteness.


  1. says

    Sweet, sweet, sweet. I think it’s so fun to hear about other people’s quirks…there are so many of them! Makes the world go ’round.


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