No more Kung Foo

The girls had their season wrap up for ballet last week.
This is my little one clapping her little heart out.
“Go Team!”


If your a local, you know how much I want to yell “Save Money!” after that cheer..
(Its from a local car commercial. The kind where they assault you with yelling, screaming and obnoxious slogans that stay with you forever. Case in point.)
the lighting in the auditorium is atrocious..
 The dancing, fabticious. 
(When the English language fails me, I make up my own words).
Look at those faces!
ehhh hmmm, I swear they enjoy ballet!
I’m convinced they are so focused they just can’t muster smile just yet.
As a side note, my little one performed no unchoreographed kung foo kicks this year. They were the highlight of last years performance as the rest of the girls twirled and did plié’s, she ran amok all over the place doing her own thing. I laughed so hard last year I nearly peed my pants.  

This year she stayed within the ballet routine and I must say, she did really well! I will also admit, I missed her running all over the stage making up her own dance style, but this can only mean that she is learning and able to follow a routine, which I’m also very proud of.
  I totally missed those kung foo crazy kicks.


  1. says

    Woohoo for your little ladies! They look so graceful and elegant up there. With that said, I think sticking to the choreographed routine is completely overrated. Bring back the kung fu kicks!! 🙂


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