Quite Contrary

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,  How does your garden grow? With silver bells,  and cockleshells     And pretty maids all in a row. “Okay….my little maids make sure you plant things symmetrical like!”  “If you want your grilled cheese you better hop to it!” “Your back aches? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” “You reap […]

Up to no good?

All mothers know when your kids have retreated from your eyesight and its gets eerily quiet,something is wrong. They are doing something BAD. They are reeking havoc on something you adore…making a disaster area out of your organized mess in the office….(yes I said organized mess, its a mess but its organized..mmmmkay?)…or possibly downloading 456 […]


I always look forward to Pioneer Woman’s (Ree Drummond) photo assignments on her blog.  Her theme this go around was ‘Action’. So of course, I hem and haw over what to enter. “Oh dear..hmmm this one?” Garsh I dunno… Hun, what do you think?” “Yeah sure. “ “I’m just not sure it’s action-y enough..ya know?” […]

Modern Hillbilly

Sometimes I look at things my family and I do and wonder why I don’t hear banjo music.  Not in a crazy ‘I hear voices’ type way, but like maybe that’s becoming my theme music. I never  heard it more clearly then last weekend: We loaded up the four wheeler…… then strapped the girl’s mini […]

May Flowers

The theme this week at I Heart Faces is May Flowers. These are from the bouquet my husband and kids gave me for Mothers Day. And in true Spring fashion, it was raining outside when I snapped the photo.