Season Opener

Camping season…
10 years ago if you told me I would be excited to go camping, I would of laughed and thought you were certified craaaazyyyyy.

pffffff. Me? Like camping? No, I would rather be at home… where my friends are, where warm showers exist, and people-eating-carnivorous bears wont attack you.

Keep in mind, 10 years ago I was 17….so my mind set was somewhat… errrrr….different.. were you going to say lacking?! Shame on you.

So now-a-days my more mature self enjoys camping. In a trailer of course, because there are still those people-eating-carnivorous bears out there folks! sheesh.

Here we be:
Just the 4 of us..
Well five if you count the dog who forgot I told him to look AT the camera.
Don’t worry Ace, there is still time to redeem yourself..
wait for it……..

See, what I tell ya?
Now, back to the members of our family who walk up right…

We arrived at camp in the early evening and went exploring.

The girls were out of this world excited!
“yee haw!”
“woo hooo!”
“yippee skippy!”
We heard things like that a lot.

Then when it got dark we roasted marshmallows and had smores… yummmm.

I love this photo of the girls, they were allowed to play in the fire and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Then off to bed for the rug rats, and I tried my hand at night time photography for the first time.
Its hard, and its scary out there at night all by yourself.

Thats the train trestle by our camp.
Right by our camp.
Like, 25 yards from where we lay our sleepy heads.

Now, we’ve camped here before and I clearly don’t remember 20 trains going by at night.
I also don’t remember them blowing there whistles 453 times each passing.
I’m almost quite certain there was a very rude conductor who was simply going back and forth by our camp for his own twisted entertainment all night long.

I didn’t get much sleep.

The upside of having a train by camp is laying coins on the tracks to get flattened.

I still can’t decide who enjoyed it more, the girls or my husband.

After a MUCH better night.
(Only 3 trains. I counted. And only one tooted its horn. Thank God.)
We headed home.

But not before 14 panic induced attacks given to me by my bat-out-of-hell driving husband.

 (Disclaimer: These are not the moments in which I freaked out, no.. those moments took place when my girls were on the back and he was driving much less crazy. But I’m a wienie like that.)

*cough, cough, wheeze*

Both girls were safely playing during those shenanigans.

Now, you may think a bad nights sleep, plus panic attacks and one mild sunburn would of made my weekend a so-so one.
But really, it was quit the opposite.
I loved it.
We had so much fun, I can’t wait to do it again.
(Minus the trains, please.)

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    What a fun weekend! Your pictures and descriptions made me feel like I was right there with yall. The nighttime one with the stars is just wonderful. Keep posting…I love reading it!


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