The other day my mother in law and my girls headed out to the ‘back 40’ behind their place.
I think there is really only about a back 3 or so, but that’s beside the point.
What amazed the girls was….it was full of wishes!
Picking wishes:
Making wishes:
Ugh….sneezing wishes?
Being somewhat of the impatient type, my little one decided on a more direct wish making route.
Smoosh as many wishes you can with your hands and then just let them go.
And as a bonus to that method?
Less projectile spittle.
win. win.
And though this photo really has nothing to do with the wishes….
I can’t help but think it looks like Emma is trying to eat my daughter.
Of course, it was just the angle..
and since there was never any real  dog-eating-child-danger … I just had to share it.
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  1. says

    Great photos! I used to love blowing dandelion puffs. Now, they just make me sneeze 🙁

    Glad to hear your little girl managed to avoid being eating by the dog 🙂


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