flowers, feilds and what nots.

Its finally summer around this place! “halleluiah!” The winter and spring weather lasted way longer then usual this year. “booooo!” and I finally turned on the AC for the first time this week!  “hurrray!” hmmmmm I may need to rethink the AC thing.  Not sure I’m happy about that. So summertime equals lots of crops […]

whimsy take 2

Love That Shot is also doing a whimsy theme this week.  And since you don’t have to have a persons face showing in their photos, I chose this: Taking photos of these penny sized flowers without a tripod (which is in our camp trailer) was a challenge. They aren’t as in focus as I wanted […]


I Heart Faces theme this week is A Touch of Whimsy.  When I think of something whimsical I imagine dreamlike, warm lighting and extraordinary places. Now, the alfalfa field out back our house may not be rather dreamlike, but the golden lighting lent it to a somewhat whimsical vibe. (I’m a vibe-y person. Vibe-ish person?) […]

My best shot!

So I have been debating for the last week or so about what photo to enter into Paper Mama’s,Your Best Shot….of a child contest.  This picture of my daughter running down an old dirt road has always been one of my favorites.So with the deadline looming (less then 24hrs) I decided I better stop procrastinating […]

5th generation

I posted awhile back that my grandma was soon going to be….  not a great-grandma, but a GREAT-great grandma. Well the little lady finally made her debut earlier this month, and man, is she a cutie:  Congrats momma!  She is gonna be one loved little girl.   P.S. Notice the nail polish-chipping-little-girl-finger in the top […]