Artistic expression, child style.

While taking photos of the girls the other day my little one had a mind of her own and decided she made a great off-kilter-focal point.

“I’m running into view of your photo for the sake of artistic expression momma!”
She’s still there….
“I think a light human blob on top of big sisters head really makes the photo pop momma!”
No doubt about that little one!
As you can see,
it takes a lot of energy running around like a wild child when your not supposed to.
“I boooored.”
Being creative can really take it out of you sometimes, eh kid?

And not to be outdone:
“aaaand I think that squeezing my little sister beyond the point of comfort only brings to light the real sisterly love between us.”
Where did they learn to talk like this?

the end.
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  1. says

    I think the “I’m bored” yawn is my favorite. Such an authentic moment 🙂 I’m so glad you take so many beautiful pictures of your babies!


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