flowers, feilds and what nots.

Its finally summer around this place!
The winter and spring weather lasted way longer then usual this year.
and I finally turned on the AC for the first time this week! 
I may need to rethink the AC thing. 
Not sure I’m happy about that.
So summertime equals lots of crops around here…

and driving by one of these fields reminds me of the summers past….
Something about the smell of mint wafting into the car takes me back to my days in Pampers..
Okay, maybe not that far….but elementary school for sure.
Did you know that your sense of smell is your strongest sense for recalling memories?
It’s called Proustian Memory.
Pretty interesting stuff.
Its like catching a whiff of a strangers Chanel no. 5 while walking down the street, and all of a sudden your transported back to your grandma’s. Or the how the smell of fair food takes you back to the time you sat in gum at the county fair.
(Yep, that would be me. I had to walk around all creative like the rest of the fair. Dang you bubblicious!)

Moving on.

and these….

Well I dunno what this is, but its perrrty.
And smell free I might add.

 but this….I know.

I’m a regular ‘ol whiz on farming stuff.
(Not really.)

But, I do love living in such an agriculture rich community.
Say what?!
Its true.
Minus the spray planes that buzz our house at 6am.
I could most definitely live without those morning wake up calls.
*shakes fist at sky*

And these little buggers are transplants from my mother in law’s house that I have growing in my front yard. 

No olfactory memories for me, or spray planes required… no bailing, irrigating, or yearly crop rotation necessary to cultivate these cute little things.

Happy Summertime.

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  1. says

    Summertime brings around some gorgeous plant life, and you did a great job of capturing it! As much as I love summer, I’m already OVER the sweltering heat and humidity around here…and it’s not even July! Good thing we only have 4 months or so to wait for a break in the heat 😉 Enjoy your weekend, friend!


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