Just my girls

I loaded my girls in the car today and ventured out.
 Destination, picture ol-a-palooza.
(no that’s not a real place, shhhhhh)
I fixed their hair and dressed em up  in hopes of getting some good new pictures of them together.
It worked!
Of all the photos I have taken over the last year or so with my new camera, hardly any of the girls together turn out.
One is always blinking,
nose picking…
you name it.

But this time….I got one,
no two!

I was thrilled!
And amidst the misquotes, ants, and other unknown bugs, I got some great ones of them alone too.

Some cute and silly ones:

 This makes me want to sing, “Theeeee hills are alive…with the sound of muuuusic!”
even though there are no hills,
or music for that matter.

And a little more serious one…
And I think this one miiiight just be a new favorite.
Big thanks to my girls for letting me do my thang, and take copious amounts of photos of them while enduring relentlessness mosquito attacks.
You rock.
-luv mom

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Not sure what all that means, but roll with it!

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