My best shot!

So I have been debating for the last week or so about what photo to enter into Paper Mama’s,
Your Best Shot….of a child contest. 
This picture of my daughter running down an old dirt road has always been one of my favorites.
So with the deadline looming (less then 24hrs) I decided I better stop procrastinating (who me??) and enter the one I knew I wanted to enter from the beginning.
 And why out of the million (I may or may not be exaggerating on that number) of photos I have taken, did I  choose this particular one?

Because it wasn’t
or plotted out.

It just was.
And that makes it my best shot of a child, ever.

The Paper Mama


  1. says

    Leesha, this one took my breath away. Literally! I love everything about it! This may be my favorite of all your pictures I’ve ever seen. I’m glad you decided to submit it; I hope it does great! I hope you have a fun, restful weekend in your future 🙂


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