Old Flickr Finds

Its been awhile since I have pa-roosed through my flickr account. 
Over the last year I have taken soooooo many photos I have forgotten about some of my older ones.
I don’t think I have ever posted full versions of any of these on my blog before,
so without further ado:
ghost walk
This was taken last July on the way home from a camping trip. I thought this old farmhouse was pretty neat looking. It looks a little blown out now that I look at it again, darn. Its funny how sometimes you think something is great  then you come back with fresh eyes and well…think a little differently. This was also a time when I was obsessed with the new bird brushes I got.There were birds in almost all my photos during this time and now I cant even think of the last time I used em.
Oh, and I’m actually in this picture somewhere…

This one was taken last summer too, again while on a camping trip.
I don’t know these people, and they may or may not of been weirded out by the crazy lady taking photos of them. Its possible they didn’t see me crouching in the bushes clicking away, I was in stealth mode.
Thank you strangers!
My little one was super sick when I took this photo.
"I gotta feeevah"I KNEW she was sick because she crashed on the couch, and she never crashes on the couch. 
She rarely even crashes.
My grandma made her that blanket, she calls is her Special Blanket. 
Dang-nabit! that brings a tear to my eye!
From our vacation last year.
My daughers, my mom and grandma all went to the coast for a few days in both Washington and Oregon. 
It was a wonderful all girls trip.
And this would be the infamous Ace.
He drools like nobodies business. 
(Just thought you would like to know that little factoid about him.)
We also had a pig break into our yard once (random!) and he thought he had a new girlfriend. 
He has low standards, no doubt brought on by his drooling disability.
  Ah shucks, we love you just the way you are Ace!
I used to have a super small version of this on my sidebar, but I don’t think I have ever shared the large version on my blog.
It’s one of my favorite photos of my oldest daughter. 
She is just pleased as punch to ride on the carousel. 
Her mom isn’t telling her ‘look here! look here! smile!!”
Its a perfect in the moment photo, she is just….well,  happy.
This was taken of my little one on the same day as the photo above.
I love her little ponytail and the bowling bokeh.
I’m going to go for it and say it was a curve ball strike.
I’m pretty sure of it.
I used to have a small version of this on my blog too.

It’s actually two photos that I merged into one.
Every take I had of them jumping one was up and the other was down.
So I took photos with both of them in the air and put em together. 

So that’s it. 
A montage of some of my older pictures that I dusted off to share with you all.
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!
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    I so love your photos, Leesha, and these were no exception. You have such talent! Thanks for “dusting off” these old ones to share with us. Happy weekend!


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