Happy Birthday to you.


Happy Birthday to you.


Happy Birthday my little big girrrrll.


 Happy Birthday to you.

 Six years ago today I became a mom. 
The most amazing, wonderful, challenging, rewarding, loving, dramatic change of my life.
I can hardly believe its been SIX years.
And because I sifted through more then a bazillion photos trying to pick just a few, and the birthday song is only so many lines….I have a few more to share:


I oh so clearly remember the sleep deprivation.
 And the day my grandma (who has since passed away) sent these to her for her 4th birthday.

And when she used to be this size.

And this size.
And when she turned five.
So I will keep myself together today and not bawl like a baby when I hear sappy county love songs about babies growing up, leaving, and all that nonsense. As far as I know they plan to stay with me forever, so those songs won’t apply to me. 
So there.
Happy Birthday baby girl.
I don’t care if your six or sixty, you’ll always be my baby.
(is that a sappy country song?? oh well.)
And this is her a few months shy of her 2nd birthday:
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    I know the feeling… My son’s first birthday is Saturday. I’ve been going through all of his old videos and pictures crying because he’s already so big. I can’t imagine six! My husband keeps reminding me that one day I’m going to have to let go. I told him that I’ll never have to because he’ll always be my baby boy.

    Argh… Now I’m crying again. 🙁

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    This is just heartwarming, Leesha! You’ll have to save this for your girl when she is older; such sweet words from her mama 🙂 Have fun celebrating your little lady!


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    WAAAA!! My fourth and last baby is turning one (today) and I’m all torn up about it. Happy birthday to your sweet girl – love the pictures, love the words.

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