The big bash

Having two kids with birthdays in the same month can be chaotic. 
The crucial decision of having their parties together or separate makes me loose sleep at night.

This particular debate wages on in my head through the entire month of May and sounds something like this:
Parties together??
Parties separate?? 
Oh dear…. I don’t know what to do!!
ehhhhhh that doesn’t feel right.
Separate would nice tho.. 
I’m hungry, do we have an Oreos in the pantry?
FOCUS Leesha!!
If I could burn calories by over thinking things I would make Kate Moss look fat.
My husband really enjoys when I verbalize all this and ask his opinion, then I ignore it.
It’s a team effort.

Okay, maybe not.
So after sleepless nights hemming and hawing over this whole debacle we (okay, I) decided to do their party together.

And it was a hit…

bday oark 069 copy
ehehehe hahaha. 
get it?
My little one had a smashing good time…
bday oark 072 copy
No more puns.

It was a great BASH.
heh. sorry.

Buuut this conversation has me concerned:
bday oark 058 copy
She holds a grudge, that one.
And when did her big sister  start talking  like a teen from the 90’s?
That one has me stumped.
Well, the little one beat the poor thing into submission..
as you can tell.

And then:
bday oark 076 copy
So all the kids ran for the candy:
bday oark 078 copy hmmmmm
and this cute little baby noggin toddled in out of no where.

“hello there little noggin.”

the end.

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    Haha, you always make me smile 🙂 I just LOVE the pictures of your little ladies taking that pinata DOWN! Sweet memories.


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