1000 White Women

 I finished reading 1000 White Women last week and added it to my Good Reads section of my blog, but wanted to share it here too….. just in case you might be looking for a good summer read.   I also just finished reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and will post my review on […]


This is my oldest 5 min ago. Her tummy hurts. Nothing tears at your heartstrings like when your babies are sick. Here’s to a quiet day of recovery and a better tomorrow!!

helloooooo water pressure!

Last week my husband, our girls, and I all went on a bike ride around our little town. And since kids and sprinklers have some sort of natural pull towards one another, it was no surprise when the bikes were traded in for this: Can you tell the water pressure was a slight surprise? HA! […]

Little cowgirls

Ever since Toy Story entered our lives my girls have been infatuated anything cowgirlish. Cowgirl boots. Cowgirl hats. Wranglers. Horses. Saddles. Handlebar mustaches. Okay, maybe not that last one. but, they both love cowgirls and in turn LOVE horses. And this week they visited what could be undeniably be considered, heaven. A horse ranch.A horse […]

Horse love

My girls LOVE horses. This week we went with my MIL to her best-friends house out in the country where she trains horses for a living. My girls were in Heaven.  More pictures to come later…. and can you guess which child wanted to jump the barrels?!