1000 White Women

 I finished reading 1000 White Women last week and added it to my Good Reads section of my blog, but wanted to share it here too….. just in case you might be looking for a good summer read. 
 I also just finished reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and will post my review on that later today. Its becoming a pretty popular e-book according to B&N and….wellll….my thoughts must be different then the masses.
Ever find a diamond in the rough at your local library?
In a teeny town like mine, rough would be a good description of our library, simply based on how small it is. 
So when I found this beauty I promptly checked it out. 
I checked it out minus a library card, cause we just go on last names here, no ID required.
 So I’m a sucker for intriguing covers, and thought this one looked worthy of a possible late fee. 
(I’m not so hot on returning books on time).
Boy Howdy! The cover didn’t disappoint! 
The book is written by Jim Fergus as journal entries of a young American woman, May Dodd,  in the late 1800’s. She ventures into the wild to become an Indian bride for the program instituted by the United States Government. Whats crazy is this is based on a true story! Here is a link to read the whole synopsis.
My favorite aspect of this book was the ‘outsider’ perspective given by May as she became part of the Cheyenne people. The down side of this book? Reality. The sobering fact of how poorly the Indians were treated by the government and ‘white’ people is so disturbing. 
I ended up finishing the book with an axe to grind with white folks of the 1800’s. 

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