field bokeh

I meant to include this in my flower, fields and whatnots post, but it got lost along the way.
So here we be.

I also added some new books to my Good Reads section.
Its a series and I LOVED it.
 Fun fact about the me and these books:
I stay up until 2am two nights in a row devouring them.
I tried like the dickens to read the last chapter super slow so it wouldn’t be over.
(I failed by the way)
AND now I find myself rather keen of the boy’s name Peeta.
Here is a hint……
Ever heard of the Hunger Games??
 Too obvious?
oh well. 🙂
Check out the series, and if you have a Nook its a lend me…oh yeaaaah!
Let me know if you want to borrow it!
“Nerdy book lovers unite!”
PS: Lets just say for some reason I just yelled that above slogan out loud to no one, does that make me nerdier or just passionate?
oh, and is nerdier really a word?


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    Gorgeous shot, Leesha! I’d never looked at your “Good Reads” section until now, but I got some great ideas. I love Phillippa Gregory and hadn’t heard of the book you listed…I’m off to find it today 🙂 Thanks for sharing and enabling my reading addiction!


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