Little cowgirls

Ever since Toy Story entered our lives my girls have been infatuated anything cowgirlish.
Cowgirl boots.
Cowgirl hats.
Handlebar mustaches.
Okay, maybe not that last one.
but, they both love cowgirls and in turn LOVE horses.

And this week they visited what could be undeniably be considered, heaven.

A horse ranch.
A horse training place?
hmmmm just a place with lots of horses where my MIL’s bestfriend lives and does equine training.
In this photo my oldest was watching said bestfriend barrel jumping.
“oooooo ahhhhhh.”
Now here she is  riding a horse that could play ball.
Now what kind of kid wouldn’t love that?!
On her horse Gracie.
 and “Hello Hicksos”
This was little sisters mount.
(a little cowgirl lingo, oh yeah)
My little one leading the horse over the barrels.
(kinda, the horse is more likely leading her…but we applauded sissy for her effort)
Look at this! No one leading her.
She is braver then her mom.
I was not comfortable ‘driving’ just yet. 
Yes I said driving.
And this look?
This is the look of,
  ‘I will too jump the barrels even if you say no mommy. I don’t care if my feet don’t fit into stirrups. neener neener”
Lord help me when she becomes a teenager!
Thankfully, for now she was satisfied with trotting.
And also thankfully she still listens to me.
Most of the time.
For now.

And like the saying goes,
All good things must come to an end.
A big “thank you” to Jeanie for letting us come out to her place and ride. 
It was loads of fun and we can’t wait to visit again!!


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    What a fun experience for your little cowgirls, Leesha! I’m so glad they got to do this. I love the photo of your little rebel looking at you like, “Yeah…I’m gonna do what I want anyway.” Those teenage years will be fun for sure 🙂 And I love, LOVE the shot of your little cowgirl hugging the horse. So sweet. I hope yall enjoy your weekend!


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