Mist happens.

So you want to achieve this totally awesome effect for your photos?? 


Okay, so this was an accident.
Ya see, I got my camera wet…. and it got that con-den-sation-ness all between my lens and UV  filter.
I thought it was a bad thing, but I suppose it just makes this shot unique.
 I can at least say I’ve never heard of anyone else using this technique before.
I will now refer to all accidents as possible trailblazing techniques
Makes me feel much better about myself, because I tend to make my fair share of mistakes.



  1. says

    You’re such a trailblazer, Leesha! 🙂 The photo looks cool, even though it was an accident. And I love your title…”Mist happens” 🙂 I hope yall had a great weekend!


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