Playground Props

This week I Heart Faces theme is props
I don’t have much in the way of photo props, but I always like taking pictures at playgrounds for all their colorful equipment and the natural (not posed) expressions I can capture of the girls playing.
So to me playgrounds equal lots of on location props!
In essence, our prop is just a regular ‘ol swing. 
Nothing too fancy. 😉

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    Colorful and natural, love it! And the point of view you shot from is perfect for the whole summery feel of this photo. 🙂

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    Some of the best props are not the fanciest 🙂 I love, LOVE the perspective of this shot. I like how it seems that your girl doesn’t even notice you’re taking a picture of her. She’s just enjoying the heck out of some summertime swinging’ 🙂 Nice shot, Leesha!


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